Génépi is emblematic of the Alps. It thrives on rock faces and mountain ridges at high altitude. Do you want to know more about this little wormwood? You've come to the right place!

A Different Kind of Cultivation

Wild génépi commercialization is strictly forbidden. To make it accessible, we have to grow it.

Our génépi plants grow at high altitude (2,100 meters). Everything is done by hand, except for the use of a cultivator to prepare soil before planting.

My cultivation is 100% certified organic farming.

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The Génépi Family

There are four distinct species of génépi in the Alps.

The trouble is, each of them as multiple names: white génépi, gray génépi, yellow génépi, female génépi – those are all the same! You can't even rely on the latin name: our génépi has three!

Even worse: a single name can be used for different species depending on which valley you're in. That's why "yellow génépi" can refer to both Artemisia umbelliformis or Artemisia glacialis.


génépi jaune

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Gorgeous Environment

I feel extremely lucky whenever I think about my working environment. Now that's an open-plan office !

The Hautes-Alpes department offers many breathtaking views. My génépi grows in an idyllic environment which many other plants would undoubtedly envy.

Here is a selection of photographs we've taken: flowers, marmots, mountains – nature at its best!

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Bursting With Flavor

Génépi is traditionally used as a liqueur and can make a great aperitif. We offer three different recipes, but génépi can be used to flavor dishes, ice cream, cheese… Be bold, be creative!

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