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Each génépi sachet contains 5 grams of dried flowering tops. This is just what you need to make one liter of liqueur at home. You can find our simple recipe at the back of the sachet (in French) or on this website.

Vous trouverez également une étiquette pour votre bouteille de génépi maison !

Note: harvest time is in July. To get this year's génépi, please order after the end of July.

Our sachets have no real expiry date, but we recommend you use them within two years for maximum taste.






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Génépi sachet

6,50€ /sachet

sachets de génépi

4 to 9 sachets

6€ /sachet

10 to 19 sachets

5,50€ /sachet

20 sachets and more

5€ /sachet


Our shipping fees have changed.

We ship our sachets as letters. However, we are required to use parcels (Colissimo) beyond 20 sachets.

1 sachet: 2€ (France and international shipping)

Up to 9 sachets: 3€ (France) – 3,30€ (International shipping)

Up to 19 sachets: 6€ (France) – 8,20€ (International shipping)

20 sachets and more: 6€ (France) – 13€ (Europe) – 26 € (Rest of the world)

Tracking is available as an option (+0,50€ for France, +2,80€ for the rest of the world)

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