They trust us, we trust them!

Nous vous recommandons ces partenaires pour la qualité de leurs produits et leur éthique : ils privilégient la qualité, la confiance et la fidélité. Ils respectent leurs consommateurs comme leurs producteurs.

These companies use our génépi to create their products.

Distillerie Favier

Established in Tallard (Hautes-Alpes), Distillerie Favier offers various liqueurs and spirits. Their Williams pear eau-de-vie and their génépi liqueur are particular highlights of their production.


Founded in 1872, Bigallet specializes in concentrated fruit syrups and liqueurs. We've been working with them for years and are their exclusive supplier for their organic génépi line, which has been awarded at the Concours général agricole 2019.

Mountain Spirit Fabrik

Mountain Spirit Fabrik is a craft distillery located in Briançon (Hautes-Alpes). They offer organic products exclusively: larch, vervain and thyme liqueurs as well a several unique creations. Their iconic Génépi des Alpes IPG is crafted with our génépi.


Located in Artez (Landes department), Artez offers a very high-quality range of absinthe, pastis and bas armagnac.

Sentiers des Alpes

Since 2016, Sentier des Alpes offers a wide range of alpine products, from soap to scented candles, perfume or herbal teas. Our génépi can be found in many of these products, for example in a mint and génépi soap.

GAEC d'Eïbans

Aurélie is a sheep farmer in Vallouise (Hautes-Alpes). She makes her own cheeses and wool rugs. She uses our génépi to offer truly unique sheep milk yoghurts!

Our génépi is also used in beers, wines, sheep milk cheeses and goat cheeses produced in our area.